About Us

PrecisionBilt – The COMPANY

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, PrecisionBilt is a privately owned company founded in 1978.

We stand on strong values that revolve around sound repair practices.

Our specialty is engine block and crankshaft repair for high horse­power diesel engines in the mining, oil & gas, marine, and rail­road industries.

PrecisionBilt – The ADVANTAGE

  • Individualized pricing.  Determined by work completed-NOT on a packaged one-size-fits-all model.
  • Developed a proprietary solution for repairing main cap separation.  This type of failure normally renders the block irreparable.
  • Centralized location minimizes shipping cost and transit time.
  • Maintain OE Integrity.  Minimum amount of machining done to ensure as close to original (new) specifications as possible.
  • All documentation electronically stored.
  • Lean Manufacturing.  Zero in-house tolerance for defect.


The name PrecisionBilt is well known in the field of cylinder block and casting repair. Precise, exacting methods have their roots in over 50 years of cast iron repair. This expertise combined with absolute pride in workmanship forms the basis for the excellent reputation PrecisionBilt has earned in the field of casting repair.


Throughout history of cast iron repair, attempts have been made to introduce a variety of new techniques into the marketplace claiming new inexpensive technological advancements—these techniques utilize very little expertise. Our method of repair is based solely on expertise and has been consistently proven to withstand the test of time.


We understand the urgency when equipment is down and in need of repair. Driven by lean manufacturing principles, Precision Bilt is committed to continually improve quality, reduce cost, and improve lead time. Our process allows for repair services tailored around your time frame – not ours.

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