Crankshaft Machining Process

Crankshaft Process

  • Thorough Cleaning
  • Magnaflux
  • Hardness & Straightness
  • Inspection
  • Grind and/or Polish as needed

PrecisionBilt – The ADVANTAGE

  • Individualized pricing.  Determined by work completed-NOT on a packaged one-size-fits-all model.
  • Developed a proprietary solution for repairing main cap separation.  This type of failure normally renders the block irreparable.
  • Centralized location minimizes shipping cost and transit time.
  • Maintain OE Integrity.  Minimum amount of machining done to ensure as close to original (new) specifications as possible.
  • All documentation electronically stored.
  • Lean Manufacturing.  Zero in-house tolerance for defect.

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