Precision Bilt

PrecisionBilt specializes in the repair of "high horsepower" gas and diesel engine blocks and crankshafts for the mining, oil & gas, marine, and railroad industries.

The name PrecisionBilt is well known in the field of cylinder block and casting repair. Precise, exacting methods have their roots in over 50 years of cast iron repair. This expertise combined with absolute pride in workmanship forms the basis for the excellent reputation PrecisionBilt has earned in the field of casting repair.

Some of the advantages to choosing PrecisionBilt include:

  • Investment in the latest and best equipment for all facets of the process
  • Extensive inspection and documentation procedures for each piece that arrives at our shop
  • Our machinists are extremely experienced, well trained, and are some of the best in the industry
  • Capacity to work on a variety of block and crank sizes - including V-20 blocks and crankshafts
  • Ability to perform advanced testing and repair of any anomalies discovered during the cleaning and machining process

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